MM 850nm 25Gbps PD (Top-illumination)

The QuantumZ – QZP25MM0850Tx0x is a front-side illuminated GaAs PIN photodiode chip has a 50um detection window and excellent performances, like low capacitance, high responsivity, low dark current, and reliability in field.

The device is available in singlet (1×1) or array configurations (1×4) and are compatible with wire-bonding and flip-chip bonding.

  • High responsivity & data rates from DC to 25Gbps
  • Low dark current, operating voltage & capacitance
  • Topside anode & cathode configuration
  • Available as single chip & 4 channel array
  • Available application for COB & flip chip processes
  • High humidity robustness compliant with GR-468
  • Halogen & RoHS compliant
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