Customization Service

QuantumZ also provides the customization service.

Welcome to contact us if you have any requirements of special customized design.

Product Information Check & Management

To collect the product information for special requirements, and establish a project to implement after completing the evaluation.
The evaluation information of project includes:
  • Product design discussion and confirmation
  • Product specification discussion and confirmation
  • Product development schedule discussion and confirmation

Trial Run & Production Management

QuantumZ will follow the confirmed project plan to implement product design, trail production flow planning, production material preparation, trial production arrangement, product specification test arrangement and quality confirmation.

Mass Production Management

QuantumZ will carry out the mass production planning after confirmed the customer qualifies the trail production result of sample, and at the same time, pre-evaluating to manage and control the risk may occurs in the further production. The products must be delivered on schedule and with good quality.

Quality Management & Assurance

To provide clients with consistent product quality, QuantumZ has adopted ISO quailty certification specifications to establish a framework for quality assurance. The Company has set up a detailed quality plan, and implemented the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) management cycle. The Company requires the entire management team to perform under a standardized system to prevent managerial errors and do everything right the first time.
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