28GHz mmWave Base Station Platform

  • 28GHz mmWave base station platform: The platform supports beamforming, frequency boosting, phase-locked loop, digital control and power supply.
  • Support active/passive combination and rapid design: Propose suitable IC solution according to customer’s requirements, and quickly adjust the design to solve issues.
  • Search and signal transmission by Antenna: Modify the phase for change the radiation pattern according to user’s signal transmission position.
  • Software development: Self-develop the software to match the application design of customized software and hardware.
Frequency 26.5 ~ 29.5GHz
IC Dimension 5.1 x 5.1 x 0.8mm
Module Dimension 61 x 60 x 1.18mm
Polarization Linear Dual Polarization (Horizontal / Vertical)
Output IPEX (RF)
PIN header
Power Supply 2.5V analog power supply / 3.3V analog power supply for PA
Firmware Customized Design

60GHz Short-range Communication Platform

  • High-bandwidth and high-speed wireless transmission: 9GHz bandwidth, maximum data rate supports 6.25 Gbit/s.
  • Replace high frequency switch: Communication distance 2 ~ 3cm, that can replace high frequency adapter.
  • Small size and bendable: Platform size 15.8 x 16.3 mm, and the antenna on platform can be bent to 8.3 x 16.3 x 8mm.
  • Customized design of communication: To realize the multimedia image transmission and communication according to customer requirements.
Frequency 57~ 66 GHz
Transmit Power Up to 8 dBm
Beam Width V/H : 80˚ / 55˚
Distance Short range: 5mm
Extended range: 20mm
IC Dimension 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.7mm
Module Dimension 15.8 x 16.3 x 0.7mm
Output UART
(connector: uUSB)
Power Supply Coming soon
Firmware Customized Design

UWB/BT 2-in-1 Position Platform

  • Tracking objects: The platform has dual-UWB antennas can detect distance and direction at the same time. The detection range in air is 17m.
  • UWB dual-band: UWB function covered CH5 & CH9.
  • Support UWB indoor precise position: Support indoor precise position if the platform has more than 4 modules(3 Anchors and 1 Tag).
  • BT function: The platform has BT module and can be used to long distance communication(40m) and simple distance detection.
Frequency *6 ~ 9GHz (UWB1 & UWB2)
*2.4 ~ 2.48GHz (BT)
Transmit Power Coming soon
Distance UWB: 17m
BT: 40m
Module Dimension 40 x 67 x 9mm
Output UWBC
Power Supply Coming soon
Firmware Customized Design

60GHz Radar Detection Platform

  • High-bandwidth sensor: 7GHz high-bandwidth, that can detect fine motion.
  • 3D motion detection: The platform has 1T3R antenna can support to detect 3D motion.
  • Small size: The platform size can be decreased to 13 x 9.5mm.
  • Short-range radar detection module: Customized editing detection mode.
Frequency 58 ~ 63.5 GHz
Transmit Power Up to 1dBm
Beam Width V/H : 80˚ / 30˚
IC Dimension 4.3 x 4.3 x 0.7mm
Module Dimension (FPC) 43.0 x 26.0 x 0.7mm
Output SPI
Power Supply Terminal Block: 5V
Firmware Customized Design

LoRaWan Long-range Communication Platform

  • Mesh wireless communication protocol: The communication distance covers larger range and power consumption is less.
  • Bluetooth wireless communication protocol: Security keys in application layer and network.
  • LoRaWan wireless communication: Lower power consumption and lower cost, and that has good ability to penetrate the wall with Sub-GHz antenna.
Frequency *0.88 ~ 0.93GHz
*2.4 ~ 2.49GHz
Transmit Power Coming Soon
Distance Short range: Over 10m
IC Dimension Coming Soon
Module Dimension 75.0 x 50.5 x 0.164mm
Output Coming Soon
Power Supply Coming soon
Firmware Customized Design

New Smart Home Module Platform

  • Transfer the home devices to smart home devices: Smart modules, smart switchs and smart sockets.
  • Customized smart module: Support dual-functions BT and Zigbee, and provide one-way control.
  • APP control: Connect to the module to control home devices via smart phone.
  • High-transmission distance: The transmission distance of platform under 2.4GHz and room temperature is around 120m.
  • Small size and bendable: The antenna size in module is 28 x 20mm, and its bending size is 20 x 20 x 8mm.
Frequency 2.4 ~ 2.48GHz
Transmit Power Up to 20dBm
Distance 120m
Module Dimension (Min.) 20 x 20 x 8 mm
Output (Connector: uUSB)
Power Supply Coming soon
Firmware Customized Design

mmWave Butler Matrix Platform

  • The mmWave Butler matrix platform: Co-customized integration of beamforming and frequency boosting.
  • Replace beamforming IC: Butler matrix has the same beamforming performance with beamforming IC.
  • Integrated design of antenna module: One-piece-formed and bendable, its design is highly adjustable.
  • Wider azimuth scanning application: Current design can support single 4-azimuth, and it can be developed to design for more azimuths in the future.
Frequency 27.5 ~ 28.35GHz 37.5 ~ 40.5GHz 57 ~ 64GHz
Peak Gain > 9dBi > 8.8dBi > 8.5dBi
43.18 x 29.75 x 0.383mm 43.18 x 29.75 x 0.383mm 43.18 x 29.75 x 0.383mm
RF Connector SNA Connector SNA Connector SNA Connector
Impedance 50Ω nominal 50Ω nominal 50Ω nominal
4 4 4
Firmware Customized Design Customized Design Customized Design
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