24GHz Radar Module Platform

  • Distance, speed and angle detection sensor: 24GHz FMCW mmwave radar can detect distance, speed and angle.
  • Multi-function GUI: The GUI has multi-option control for adjusting the precision of detection accuracy.
  • Dual-interface: Support USB-C and CAM, that can be used in industrial control and automotive.
  • Antenna characteristic: 1T2R, 1 x 10 Matrix antenna, Gain 15dB; SLL 20dB.
  • Detection range: Straight line – 0 degree and distance 10m, horizontal detection range 100 degree.
Frequency 24~ 24.25GHz
Transmit Power Coming soon
Beam Width H : 50˚
Distance 0 degree: 10m
±50 degree: 3m
Module Dimension 105 x 50 X19mm
Output UWBC
Power Supply Coming soon
Firmware Customized Design

60GHz Radar Detection Platform

  • High-bandwidth sensor: 7GHz high-bandwidth, that can detect fine motion.
  • 3D motion detection: The platform has 1T3R antenna can support to detect 3D motion.
  • Small size: The platform size can be decreased to 13 x 9.5mm.
  • Short-range radar detection module: Customized edit detecting mode.
Frequency 58 ~ 63.5 GHz
Transmit Power Up to 1dBm
Beam Width V/H : 80˚ / 30˚
IC Dimension 4.3 x 4.3 x 0.7mm
Module Dimension (FPC) 43.0 x 26.0 x 0.7mm
Output SPI
Power Supply Terminal Block:5V
Firmware Customized Design

77GHz Rader Induction Platform

  • 77GHz Automotive Antenna Design: Customized design middle-range (76 ~ 77GHz) or short-range (77 ~ 81GHz) according to the application.
  • Multiple communication ports of module: Adjust the UI of communication module according to the application.
  • High-directivity antenna design: The beam difference beside the main beam of antenna can reach -20dBi.
  • Software development: Self-develop the software to match the application design of customized software and hardware.
Frequency 77 ~ 81GHz
Transmit Power Up to 12dBm
Beam Width V/H : 80˚ / 30˚
IC Dimension 10.4 x 10.4 x 0.7mm
Module Dimension (FPC) 70.7 x 50.0 x 0.341mm
Power Supply Terminal Block: 12V
Firmware Customized Design
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